Orange Pi Zero Pinout


Orange Pi has done it again. They have released a new board called the Orange Pi Zero. It is an amazing little quad core board with built on wifi and can be yours for $8.99 for the 512 mb of RAM model or $6.99 for the 256mb of RAM model.  It features the new Allwinner H2+ processor, which is basically a stripped down version of the Allwinner H3 (No GbE capability, 1080p video vs 4k), which is great for IOT nodes. It is even capable of PoE, but requires a slight modification. This board is tiny, at only 48mmx46mm. It even has 2 usb breakouts on the pin headers, opening the door for some really cool shields/backpacks/capes/whatever you want to call them. This board is really Similar to the Nano Pi NEO, and Nano Pi Air.

I wanted to design an add on board for this bad boy, but I couldn’t find a pinout anywhere. So, I made one using the information in the schematic. Let me know if you find any errors. Enjoy.

UPDATE Dec 8, 2016 – Updated Image. Pinout was inverted on right headers.


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