Orange Pi Zero Pinout


Orange Pi has done it again. They have released a new board called the Orange Pi Zero. It is an amazing little quad core board with built on wifi and can be yours for $8.99 for the 512 mb of RAM model or $6.99 for the 256mb of RAM model.  It features the new Allwinner H2+ processor, which is basically a stripped down version of the Allwinner H3 (No GbE capability, 1080p video vs 4k), which is great for IOT nodes. It is even capable of PoE, but requires a slight modification. This board is tiny, at only 48mmx46mm. It even has 2 usb breakouts on the pin headers, opening the door for some really cool shields/backpacks/capes/whatever you want to call them. This board is really Similar to the Nano Pi NEO, and Nano Pi Air.

I wanted to design an add on board for this bad boy, but I couldn’t find a pinout anywhere. So, I made one using the information in the schematic. Let me know if you find any errors. Enjoy.

UPDATE Dec 8, 2016 – Updated Image. Pinout was inverted on right headers.


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  • Sergio Alvariño

    Very useful! And very good job too!

  • zipzit

    I’m having a heck of a time getting functional Input/output on my Orange Pi Zero. I’m more than confused by the pin numbering scheme. Yours is the only thing I’ve see so far that specifically calls out pin id’s but I’m having a tough time linking those to any functional library. C is my preferred language, but I’m open to anything. Here’s a nice overview of addressing I/O samples,( ) but I can’t quite line up GPIO numbers in those code samples to your numbering scheme. Can you shed any light? Many thanks for sharing your work on this…

  • Rubenmr

    hello im trying to connect a temperature sensor on pins: 5v gnd and gpclk…. Where is gpclk pin????


  • AC

    I need 3 serial ports for my application.
    Can I use RX/TX signals that are normally used for the mode debug console ?

  • explorerAllen
    • Adobe Illustrator

  • Joseph Cho

    Thanks for good drawing of pin descriptions! I can see all at a glance.

  • Sebastián Juárez

    Hello 🙂

    I have the Orange pi Zero Plus 2 H5
    Are the same pins? Help me please 🙁

  • Mulin Zhang

    ok I’m looking at the single file of pins on the left. There’s a yellow “TV out” pin. How do you connect to a TV using this pin and presumably other pins(such as ground)? Is that HDMI or something else? Composite video? Thanks.

    • Bharath Ram

      It’s composite video! Open /etc/modules through SSH (ethernet cable) and add “tv” to a new line. Reboot and connect the TV-OUT and GND to composite video display. You should see the video output.